Mission Remission Achieved !


I haven’t posted on my blog since I finished chemo at the end of Feb and that’s because… there’s not really been that much to talk about. Life has continued, I’m getting stronger (and fatter) by the day and generally I’ve just been enjoying being able to do simple things like going to the supermarket, being able to walk around without feeling like I’m about to collapse and eat all things dairy!  It’s weird how much all these things mean to you when they’ve been taken away for so long.

Anyway, I digress. The reason for this post is I got the results back yesterday from my CT and MRI scans that I had in April and as you’ve probably guessed from the title of my post… they were both CLEAR! It’s official, I’m in remission from this cancer!

I have one more little procedure to go in July to correct an issue with my graft after last year’s surgery but then no scans for another year! And thankfully no more colonoscopies for another three years (if you’ve ever had one of these you will understand how grateful I am for that!).

Woo hoo! Happy times.



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