26 Feb 2016 30/30 DONE!

My last chemo!

So, this is the day that I’ve been imagining for nearly 18 months. My goal. My reason to have kept going through all the gruelling treatments, surgeries and body transformations. Today I am no longer a cancer patient. Today I completed my last chemotherapy treatment. My 30th chemotherapy (40 if you count pre surgery).

I’m sitting at home propped up in bed, writing this and I cannot even describe the emotions that are going through my head. A mixture of excitement, elation, sadness that I won’t see my nurses anymore, feeling a little lost that I don’t have the same regular protective hospital bubble around me along with the familiar wave (or more like Tsunami) of slight nausea and fatigue from the chemicals pulsing through my blood stream. There are tears streaming down my face as every single moment of this journey flashes through my brain and I realise how much a life can change in such a short amount of time.

I’m proud of myself though. I did it. I didn’t give up and I’ve learnt to accept my new normal. I’m even more proud of all my family and friends who have supported me through each stage of my treatment. Especially my husband, how one man can give up life as he knew it to look after me, cook for me, clean up after me, wipe away my tears, bear the brunt of my chemo tantrums and still work a stressful full-time job is beyond me. I love this man with all my life.

I still have to have a CT and MRI scan towards the end of March which will officially confirm my remission but from today I start my new life free of cancer. I’ve been gifted a future and I can’t wait to see what this brings.

What I’ve learnt from this is don’t take life for granted.Cheesy I know. Be happy. Always tell those you love how much you love them. Don’t wait to make your dreams come true. Live the life you want now, don’t wait for things to happen. Anyway enough of the soppy, cheesy shit.



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