Barbie Girl

Well today has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It started with tears of frustration at not being able to get any answers on my CT and MRI scan results, which then evaporated to pure joy and relief when my Colorectal Nurse Specialist decided to finally give me a call to go through my results.

It turns out that the hospital had gone through my case, made plans, booked in appointments… but had forgotten to mention it to the one person who needs to know most!

Anyway, was the pure hell that was chemoradiation worth it?… Hell yeah! The scans showed an amazing reaction to the treatment with a major reduction in the size of the tumour and they’re happy to move onto the next stage.  I’m always amazed at how blasé my doctors are with treatment (even down to the point where they forget to tell the patient that they need treating!) In a way, it’s a good thing as it exudes a confidence that ‘they’ve seen it so many times before’.

So, what’s next? Well, the blunt way of saying it is that I’m having my butt removed! WTF I hear you cry! WTF indeed.

On 8th April, in just over two weeks time, I will be having major surgery to remove my colon below my stoma, remove my rectum and (ahem) the rest. Surgeons will then sew me up to give me what is cheekily (see what I did there!?) known as ‘Barbie butt’.  It does also 100% confirm that my colostomy will become permanent. To be honest though, I’m not upset at a permanent colostomy. Life with it has become normal now and I’ve heard way too many reversal horror stories, so I’m glad I now don’t have to make that decision.

Even though I’m pretty upbeat, I’m not particularly relishing the surgery and the pain and recovery after but I am looking forward to having it out of the way so I can focus on the final stages of becoming cancer free!

So, who will own a butt that looks like this…well that’ll be me then.

Wish me luck!



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