Stay Awake! There’s Only One Week Left

Well, this is it. The last week of treatment has arrived and I cannot wait for it to be over.

You may remember a couple of blogs ago that I was only 4 treatments in out of 25, well now I’ve only got 4 treatments left! You may also remember the deep mahogany tan between the cheeks, well there’s no nice way to say this but my skin is now a cracked, red, blistered and burnt mess which feels like I’m being stung by hot fiery bees. Sitting down and moving around is proving to be a little difficult at the moment so if you see me waddling around then no, I haven’t had an unfortunate accident (that’s what the bag is for remember), it’s just my incredibly sore and burnt butt. It is only now that I can appreciate the surgeon’s words when he told me a colostomy would make my treatment more comfortable.

Another major side effect has been the tiredness and I mean ALL of the tiredness. If I’m not asleep then I’m in a permanent grumpy, zombie-like state. Unless it’s at night, then the bee-filled inferno that ignites my cheeks seems to become more fierce and leaves me writhing around in pain. This week I’m also back on chemo, so I’m back with the severe headaches, metallic taste and tingling hands and feet BUT the end is in sight!

So far though, I’m feeling positive. My cancer symptoms and bleeding have now disappeared which gives me hope that the treatment is doing its job and shrinking the tumour. Next step will be another CT scan and MRI scan and then I’ll be handed back over to the surgeon to rid me of this cancer.

Another step down, let’s hit the next one!

Although I feel positive about where my treatment is taking me, there are friends out there who are dealing with a difficult diagnosis. All I want to say is please don’t give up! Things can change so quickly and it amazes me what a difference these drugs make. It is hard, it is painful, it is tiring but you CAN do this. Just have faith in your doctors and listen to their advice. They want you to beat this too!


One thought on “Stay Awake! There’s Only One Week Left

  1. you are seriously one brave lady and have such a great attitude Gem. I know that you’ll have approached this with you no-nonsense way and I personally look forward to hearing more positive news as your treatment continues xx


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