A Rich Mahogany Brown

I’m aware that my last blog was mainly me whingeing about part of my treatment so I thought it might be useful for some of you to know how I’ve been feeling following treatment.

So far, I don’t think I’ve done too badly on chemo this week, the main effect of the folinic acid and 5FU seems to include a bad headache straight after treatment, fatigue, some slight nausea, a grumbly belly and slight tingling in my hands which disappears pretty quickly. I’ve been given anti-sickness medication but so far have not needed to use them which I’m really pleased about.

Radiotherapy – well the first thing to know about the chemo radiation treatment is that the chemo drugs are primarily used to enhance the effects of the radiation treatment. It’s like a domino effect, the folinic acid enhances the effects of 5FU which in turn enhances the effects of radiotherapy, plus a gel bag between the cheeks which absorbs the radiation to target it more in the right area. This is super-charged radiotherapy!

HENCE, why after only 4 of 25 treatments I am now the owner of a pretty sore sunburnt butt and a deep mahogany tan between the cheeks that David Dickinson would be jealous of. I can only imagine the joy that another 21 sessions of this is going to bring.

Who owns a butt that looks like this? Well that would be me!



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